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Red Skelton - Pledge of Allegiance on Vimeo

 In 1969, Red Skelton wrote and performed a monologue about the Pledge of Allegiance. In the speech, he commented on the meaning of each phrase of the pledge. He credited one of his Vincennes grammar school teachers, Mr. Laswell, with the original speech. The teacher had grown tired of hearing his students monotonously recite the pledge each morning; he then demonstrated to them how it should be recited, along with comments about the meaning behind each phrase. - Source Wikipedia
(Posted November 2020)

Russell J. Lombard, President & CEO  
U.S. Route 6 Tourist Association
1657 S.W. Old Clifton Rd.
Port Orchard, WA.  98367

Phone: 360/876-5063
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Roger C. Bratt,  Vice President -
Program Development

U.S. Route 6 Tourist Association
210 West 5th Street #104
Louisville, NE 68037
PH: 402-217-1580
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Bernice A. Maxfield, Chair of the Board
U.S. Route 6 Tourist Association

P.O. Box 8179
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Phone: 360/876-5063
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Malerie Yolen-Cohen
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Julie C. Lombard - Creator
Charlie the
Short Neck'd Giraffe
Northrop-Grumman - A leader in Global Security

A Six Week Road Trip on Historic U.S. Route 6.
Join the adventure of traveling the Grand Old Highway with
Malerie Yolen-Cohen.




Like to join the U.S. Rte 6 Tourist Association? Visit our membership page to join. Help us make Historic U.S. Route 6 a registered scenic byway and destination hiway.

Not-for-profits and Public Charities We Support
Working to Preserve Our American Heritage

Annette Funicello

Thanks for the memories!

I'm Gonna Love You Through It
Grand Army of the Republic
Capt'n Jack Sparrow and Tootsie


Welcome to the U.S. Route 6 Tourist Association

Federal ID Number: 91-2136205

Americans will fall in love with the Grand Old Highway again as the Corona Virus pandemic eases.

Are You Ready?

One big beautiful mural of Historic U.S. Route 6 - Long Beach, CA to Provincetown, MA.

Murals | Shoemaker's Travel Center

Shoemaker's Travel Center is located in Lincoln, Nebraska. Definitely a "must"  stop for your bucket list.

* * * * * *

Above Picture by David Darby



Enjoy the beauty and adventure of exploring the Grand Old Highway.

Historic U.S. Route 6 is the oldest, longest and highest of the old roads. The historic Highway is 3,652 miles long, with a high point of 11,990 feet.
It runs from the waterfront in Long Beach, California through 14 states to the waterfront at Provincetown, Massachusetts which is located at the tip of Cape Cod.

We are inviting you to be our eyes and ears and participate by sharing with us information about community events in your Route 6 neighborhood. If the event is free and open to the general public your story / information will be posted on our web site free of charge.

Feel free to ask questions.

You don't have to live in a Route 6 state to be a member.
The fact is, nearly half of our members do not live in a Route 6 state. They are individuals and car clubs who simply
enjoy the adventure of exploring the old roads.
Let us keep you on the historic alignment!

Senior high school and college student interns play a major role in our programs and activities.

We are all volunteers, either retired or keeping our day jobs. Mentoring is the most rewarding part of what we do.

We definitely could use your financial tax deductible support!


We are inviting you to be our eyes and ears and participate by sharing with us information about community events in your Route 6 neighborhood. If the event is free and open to the general public your story / information will be posted on our web site in exchange for a $25.00 donation.

This is definitely the web site you need if you are looking for some great U.S. Route 6 media coverage.

Please limit your correspondence to 750 characters. However, we will accept links to related web sites or pdfs.

Just remember, we are a family oriented organization and maintain the right to edit all material we receive.

We would also like to know about preservation and/or restoration projects that may be of public interest. This would include most everything from historic buildings to bridges, etc.


Contact Name, Address & Phone Number

Name of the Event, Description, Location & Date

Should you have any questions contact;

Roger C. Bratt, Vice President - Program Development.


A $25.00 Tax Deductible Donation

Would be Appreciated!

Look forward to hearing from you!


A Transcontinental Journey Through Time on U.S. Route 6
An interview with Roger C. Bratt
Vice President - Program Development
National - U.S. Route 6 Tourist Association

A Transcontinental Journey Through Time on U.S. Route 6
 Omaha Magazine

NOTE: Money received from a Route 6 State can only be used to support the programs and activities within the State from which it was received. All other donations will be used to support our National - International Marketing Programs on behalf of all the Route 6 States.


Meet Aprylle Gilbert

Recently Aprylle was appointed to the position of Ambassador at Large on behalf of the U.S. Route 6 Tourist Association. Many of you may remember Aprylle as the lady who in 2015 ran all 3,652 miles of the Grand Old Highway from the waterfront in Long Beach, California to Provincetown, Massachusetts which is located the tip of Cape Cod. She made the run to raise money for a youth center in her home town.

Above; Don Doucette our Executive Director for the State of Massachusetts presenting Aprylle the President's Volunteer Service Award and Gold Medal.

The U.S. Route 6 Tourist Association provided the logistics for this historic coast-to-coast run. Should you have any questions or wish to contact Aprylle; Email:


Aprylle Gilbert: Coast to Coast for Kids | City of Lancaster - YouTube

Aprylle Gilbert Arrives in Provincetown on Vimeo-Video

U S Route 6 Long Beach Cape Cod August 2015
Photos and Text by Ray Fowler

A high school student tour through McKean County, PA.

Turn on the sound and enjoy the video.

Take 6 - Route 6

Join the Route 6 Team!

Membership Application

Russ Lombard with his 1956 Cadillac Coupe deVille at the local A&W Cruise. Russ lives in Port Orchard, Washington.
Pictures by Mimi Fassio - April 06, 2016
(Above & Below)

What's New!
Welcome Gary Hunter, Executive Director of our new state division > Ohio U.S. Route 6 Tourist Association .
(You can now visit the Ohio Facebook and Happening pages.)

Gary L. Hunter

Only with your financial support can we preserve the history of the Grand Old Highway aka the Grand Army of the Republic (Memorial) Highway. Become a member or donate today! We are a
Not-for-profit IRS 501 (c) (3) "Public Charity".
Fed. ID: 91-2136205

Membership Application
The oldest, longest and highest of the old roads!

What's New!

On August 14, 2018
the Board of Directors officially appointed
Roger C. Bratt to the position of Vice President - Program Development.

Roger loves history and is the Webmaster for the Ashland Historical Society in Nebraska. He will be working with and coordinating programs and activities between the current state divisions. He will also be working on establishing new state divisions of the National Association. Roger would be your contact person if you are interested in a state leadership role with our Association.



Meet Kim Koyle who has recently been appointed as our
Director of Economic Development (Cultural Preservation).
Kim is a talented graphic artist with interest in Audio-Visual productions.

Kim has a passion for preserving our American Heritage. Her goal is to assist communities in making their dreams into reality.

Her current project is Eureka, Utah.

Here is an example of some of her before and after graphic art.

Eureka, Utah | Facebook

To learn more you can contact Kim at;

Kim - Roundup time at the Ranch!


Join the adventure of exploring the old roads!
John Buchanan departed yesterday August 19, 2013 on U.S. 20 from Boston's Kenmore Square to travel across the U.S. to Newport, OR. Then, south via the Pacific Coast Highway to Long Beach, CA and then, east on U.S. Route 6 to Provincetown, MA.


Meet (Left to Right) Bailey Phares, Andi Bagley,
Karla Pina and Samantha Perscell.
Picture by Paul Kuhlman, Member - Summer of 2013


Sign - East End in Provincetown, Massachusetts
Now, what we need is a  "Picture of the Month" of a similar sign located at the West end in Long Beach, California. This would be a definite plus for tourism. Hundreds of people each year stop at the above sign for a photo-op before starting their cross-county adventure on America's oldest and longest contiguous highway.

Uniroyal Gal - Pearsonville, CA

Pearsonville is a small Route 6 community of 17 people located in the upper Mojave Desert of California. The 30 Ft. tall Lady is aka the Uniroyal Gal is just one of those unique roadside attractions that take you down Memory Lane. She overlooks the Historic U.S. 6 alignment currently called Sterling Road.
(Thank you Lisa at Subway for the conformation!)

Pearsonville is also know as the "Hubcap Capital of the World".

Item of Interest
(February 1936 - Santa Clarita, CA - Archives)

"Charlie Chaplin's Modern Times" U.S. 6 - Feb. 5, 1936

More movies have been filmed on or along U.S. 6 than any other highway in America. The above was filmed along what is now known as the Sierra Highway just north of the City of Santa Clarita, California. However, the City of Santa Clarita did not exist at the time. The area  in 1936 was known as Saugus - Newhall.

Film Office - Santa Clarita, California  

Questions? Email:


It’s Official,
Massachusetts is now a state division of the National Association,
effective as of May 18, 2011.

For the past few years Don Doucette has been our official Agent and Ambassador at Large in Massachusetts. Through his efforts he has established Historic U.S. 6 Route signage at the East end of the Grand Old Highway in Provincetown.

Eventually Don hopes to have signs along the entire historic alignment. However, to accomplish this requires support of individual members, communities and businesses. This is part of our economic development program to encourage vacation travelers to explore the 6.

Massachusetts U.S. Route 6 (6A on the Cape) provides a wealth of cultural, natural and economic resources for the nostalgic or practical highway traveler.

Whatever your travel interests, old Massachusetts U.S. Route 6 provides 118 miles of travel exploration and enjoyment opportunities just waiting and ready to go. Don looks forward to your involvement as an active member of the Route 6 Team.
Email: PDF Version

Massachusetts Association Web Page


Welcome to Colorado!!

“The Land of Adventure”

Meet Kenneth Oltjenbruns. Ken was our past Administrative Assistant and is now our Executive Director of the Colorado U.S. Route 6 Tourist Association.

Ken is actually exchanging positions with Mary Tomky who served as the Executive Director since 2004. We all appreciate Mary’s hard work and dedication. Mary, thank you!

Ken will be overseeing a number of programs and projects and would like to invite individuals, businesses, counties, cities, small towns and rural communities to become members so they can participate in the decision making process.  This also includes high school and college students who have an interest in history and in the future economic development of their community. Students will have the opportunity to participate in our Student Internship Program.

Besides working on economic development and cultural preservation projects, Ken will be working closely with Rachel Carey our Executive Producer – Director of Route 6 Productions in the making of a documentary movie about the Grand Old Highway. 

For more information visit the Colorado Association web page at

Colorado Map and Directory web page

Questions? Email:

Learn about Preserving our American Heritage


Michele M. Heitzmann
Keynote Speaker
If your business, organization or school is looking for that special Keynote Speaker give us a call.
Michele is Vice Chair on the Board of Directors of the National U.S. Route 6 Tourist Association.
She will address the Association's current and proposed economic development (tourism) and
cultural preservation (American's small towns) programs.
Learn about proposed projects which include audio-visual productions, an Internet Route 6 travel guide,
regional museums and visitor centers and Historic US 6 signage across the nation.  
As part of our educational  program, Michele will stress the importance of including
Sr. High School and College student interns in the development of the Association.
Learn about the history of the Grand Old Highway. Remember the old diners where you could
stop for a home cooked meal? How about  The Burma Shave Phenomenon
Her talks are educational, informative and fun.
The U.S. Route 6 Tourist Association is a Not-for-profit IRS 501 (c) (3)

Welcome to Connecticut

"The Constitution State"

Joe Hurley, Executive Director
Joe Hurley would appreciate the opportunity to meet and talk with car clubs, business and elected community leaders about the future of the Grand Old Highway. The big question being, how can we preserve our American Heritage and at the same time address economic development along the historic alignment?
You can contact Mr. Hurley by emailing him at;



Historic U.S. Route 6 is the longest highway ever established in the United States.  Our association is dedicated to its preservation and to the economic well being of all entities along its path.  With this site we hope to be your top source for Route 6 information.  We also hope to be an interactive exchange of interesting stories and Route 6 experiences. So, if you have a great story you'd like to share with us, or an interesting picture, feel free to contact us and we'll post it on our site.  We're more than happy to take a little break to share a good story.

     A special "Thank You" to James R. Hendricks, composer and performer of our theme song, "Long Lonesome Highway"James Hendricks - Biography

When we started in October, 2000, the high school students were looking for music to go with the web site.

The player above requires Flash Player, we also have a link to the source MP3 file of Long Lonesome Highway by Jim Hendricks

Check out the Latest Story of U.S. Route 6 In The News!

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