U.S. Route 6 (US 6), also called the Grand Army of the Republic Highway,US Route 6 Tourist Association is working to save our American Heritage through Cultural Preservation, see what's new in economic development.

U.S. Route 6 Tourist Association
1657 S.W. Old Clifton Rd.
Port Orchard, WA.  98367
Phone: 360/876-5063



Our Mission

    The primary purpose of the U.S. Route 6 Tourist Association, a nonprofit Corporation, is to assist in the economic development of those cities, towns, and rural communities located along Historic U.S. Route 6. The Association will also support efforts to restore and maintain those remaining portions of the Historic Highway. This will be done by promoting tourism along Route 6 within the following fourteen States:   California, Colorado, Connecticut, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Massachusetts, Nebraska, Nevada, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island and Utah

    The objectives and goals of the Association are as follows:

To assist in the economic development of those towns and rural communities located along U.S. Route 6 that may otherwise cease to exist. This is to be done by, but not limited to, seeking out, and/or by providing grants for the preservation and restoration of significant historical structures. Other considerations will include education, health care, the arts, and to promote the desire for new businesses to locate along U.S. Route 6.

To preserve the unique cultural and historical heritage along the longest coast-to-coast highway ever established in the United States. There are over 3,652 miles of Historic U.S. Route 6 located between Long Beach, California and Provincetown, Massachusetts. This is to be done by establishing (regional) U.S. Route 6 Heritage Museums and educational facilities .The goal also includes assisting in the development of roadside parks, rest areas, and visitor centers.

Create a preservation program to keep and/or restore all remaining portions of the original (as built) sections of Historic U.S. Route 6 which were constructed prior to 1956. These portions will be designated as "historic destination roadways".

The Association will sponsor an intern and student scholarship program as approved by the Board.

High school and college students will be encouraged to participate in the development and operation of the Association. This will include, but not be limited to, historical research, reporting on community activities and projects, interviews, and assisting with special events.

The Association will work with other nonprofit organizations in sponsoring national and regional cross-county events that are coordinated with , but not limited to, travel clubs, vintage/classic car and motorcycle clubs, etc. Example: to attract business to communities by having a cross country cruise on behalf of the American Heart Association, Cancer Society, Children Hospitals, etc.

The Association will establish a public outreach program, starting with a quarterly newsletter. The goal is to eventually have a bi-monthly magazine (U.S. Route 6 "Roadway to Adventure"©). The Association will maintain a US Route 6 Information Center website, provide State by State tour guides, and an annual directory of supporting SPONOSORS. A national/international promotional marketing program will be established to encourage visitors and new businesses to Route 6 communities. The Association will also conduct educational programs, and encourage community involvement.

* RE: Information dated March 6th , 1995 from the U.S. Department of Transportation, Federal Highway Administration. Prepared by Mark Houghton, Research Item HPD-1 Center.


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