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Joe Hurley,
Walking the "6"

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Bernice A. Maxfield
Chair of the Board and Financial Director
President of Security Financial Services
a Not-for-profit IRS 501 (c) (3) Corp.
(Picture by Larry Steagall - Kitsap Sun Newspaper.)

Russ and Mary Lombard with their
1956 Cadillac - A&W Port Orchard, WA
Mary A. Lombard
Vice Chair - Editor and Secretary

Sherry Shopshire, Vice Chair
Professional Seamstress
As part of our Cultural Preservation Program, Sherry oversees Fashions, Apparel and Wardrobes worn during the early 1900s through the 1970s.
Remember the Poodle skirts of the mid - 1950s?
Women Fashions and the Automobiles
Eric and Michele Heitzmann
Michele M. Heitzmann
Vice Chair - Program Development
and Route 6 Productions
(Keynote Speaker)

Mary J. Thomas
Vice Chair - Marketing / Commercial Art

Elizabeth L. Hofmann
Vice Chair - Educational Programs
Officers, Directors and Staff
Russell J. Lombard
and wife Mary
Founder - President & CEO

Fred Hann - TV Interview - Lancaster, CA

Fred M. Hann
Executive Director
Historic U.S. Route 6 signs along
the Sierra Highway.

Kenneth Oltjenbruns
Executive Director

Matthew J. Hereford
Executive Director

Joe Hurley
Executive Director

Don M. Doucette
Executive Director

Marcia Kuiper - (Go-Kart Track) Gretna, NE

Marcia J. Kuiper
Agent - Ambassador at Large

Guy R. Cook

Julie Lombard, sign dedication
Santa Clarita, California

Julie C. Lombard
Administrative Assistant
Route 6 Productions
(Lives in Pasadena, California and works as
a script writer in the movie industry.)

Jennifer Harrison exploring the back country in the Route 6 State of Nevada.

Jennifer A. Harrison
Ambassador at Large
(Co-Founder - Past Vice President
and Board Member. Started with us
as a High School Student Intern.)
Currently, Med Student - Henderson, NV

Malerie Yolen - Cohen and husband Jeff
Ambassador at Large
(Travel Writer - Member)

Malerie Yolen-Cohen: Road Trip: Finding America's Heart Driving Cross-Country on Route 6

Ashley J. (Hofmann) Thompson
Ambassador at Large
College Student Intern who
created the first state division of
the National Association.
Past Executive Director of the

The official mascot of the
California U.S. Route 6 Tourist Association
(Fred and Betty Hann) 

Office Confident and Critter Travel Counselor
(Russ and Mary Lombard)


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