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Work Along the 6

California Department of Transportation | Caltrans

Guardrail Work on U.S. Route 6 - Caltrans District 9 News Dash #1 - YouTube



Meet Michael Ballard

Experts in Leather, Plastic & Vinyl Restoration
Leather Repair, Vinyl & Plastic Restoration - Fibrenew West


Julie C. Lombard, Owner

The City of

Lancaster, CA

(Founding Member)

City of Lancaster | Home

With a two year  membership you will receive a signed copy of the above Children's Book by Julie Lombard.

Los Angeles County-Arts & Recreation-Events Calendar

Northrop Grumman Corp.

Lancaster Body and Frame

Historical Society of the Upper Mojave Desert

"Public Charities"

Food Pantry 
The Salvation Army


California U.S. Route 6 Tourist Association
A Division of the National U.S. Route 6 Tourist Association,
a Not-for-profit IRS 501 (c) (3) "Public Charity".

Dedicated to preserving our American Heritage and Economic Development on behalf of inner cities, small towns and rural communities located along all 3,652 miles of the Grand Old Highway.

Farm Sanctuary

Acton, CA

Farm Sanctuary - Google Maps

BIG NEWS: Both of our sanctuaries will reopen to the public starting Saturday, July 10, 2021! In the past year, we’ve continued to be a space of Sanctuary for our residents. We’ve also found new ways to invite you in via virtual visits, events, and online classes. We’ll keep offering these resources to our global community, but honestly: there’s nothing like experiencing Sanctuary in person.

If you’re near Los Angeles, California, or Watkins Glen, New York, plan a visit—there are a lot of friends who are excited to see you. Book your tour now:

Web Site:
Farm Sanctuary | We Envision a World Where Sanctuary Replaces Exploitation


(20 ) Farm Sanctuary | Facebook

In The News

Cow that escaped slaughterhouse to live out life at sanctuary thanks to Grammy winner

(KTLA TV 5 -June, 2021)


About Us | City of Glendale, CA

Glendale has grown from a small community into a cosmopolitan city -- rich in history, cultural diversity, and limitless lifestyle opportunities.

Economic Development Division | City of Glendale | ChooseGlendale

* * * * * *

Pictures of Historic U.S. Route 6 aka the Sierra Highway.
Pictures by David Erickson of Lancaster, CA.
(Submitted February 2021)

Above > Historic U.S. 6 sign after entering Los Angeles County from Kern County.

Above > 1931 Bridge about a half mile South of the L.A. - Kern County line.

Above > Historic U.S. 6 sign located in Palmdale, CA.

* * * * * *

Owens Valley History

Working to Preserve Our American Heritage!

If you enjoy history and the adventure of exploring the old roads, this is definitely the web site for you!

Owens Valley History


LA County Business & Worker Disaster Help Center

Also visit:

1_Safer At Home on Vimeo


Community Events!


Item of Interest: California State Reso. ACR 26


Antelope Valley Indian Museum Banner

Antelope Valley Indian Museum

The Antelope Valley Indian Museum is open to the public on Saturdays and Sundays from 11:00 AM to 4:00 PM.
15701 East Avenue M
(between East 150th & 170th streets)
Lancaster, California
Antelope Valley Indian Museum

* * * * * *


Things to Do 


Los Angeles County Department of Parks and Recreation-Amenities1

Let's Not forget our Critters!

Animal Care and Control
 Los Angeles County

NOTE: The County of Los Angeles, CA
is a Founding Member of the U.S. Route 6 Tourist Association.

* * * * * * *

View from Lamont Odett Vista Point off northbound Highway 14 as it descends out the Angeles National Forest down the Soledad Pass into Palmdale, entering the Western Mojave Desert. Foreground is the California Aqueduct with Lake Palmdale behind it.

View from Lamont Odett Vista Point off northbound Highway 14 as it descends out the Angeles National Forest down the Soledad Pass into Palmdale, entering the Western Mojave Desert. Foreground is the California Aqueduct with Lake Palmdale behind it. Vista Point is less than one mile from where Highway 14 crosses the San Andreas Fault. Just beyond, and adjacent to Lake Palmdale is the Sierra Highway, which is the original alignment of Historic U.S. Route 6.

Palmdale, California
Southwestern Gateway into the
Mojave Desert

Publisher, Freelance Writer and Copy Editor.

Palmdale, California  - DesertUSA

Who is Thomas Fitzgerald?
Thomas Fitzgerald is a self-starter and wise time-manager; attributes laying the foundation for the personal discipline and fortitude needed to work-from-home as publisher of a monthly newspaper, and, simultaneously freelance as a writer and copy editor.

Thomas earned an Associate of Arts degree (Communication / Journalism) from Antelope Valley College and was one of two-dozen journalism students selected from among a pool of applicants encompassing California State University and University of California journalism majors statewide to attend “Saturdays at The Times” – a two-Saturday journalism training program sponsored by, and held, at the Los Angeles Times.

Thomas has been writing professionally since 2005, first reporting on political news and later expanding into other genres, leading to the building of a portfolio reflecting versatility across a broad topical spectrum. Thomas’ anthology comprises investigative journalism, opinion and commentary, interview, movie review, feature, informative, creative writing, humor, and, sports – credential professional baseball writer covering Major League Baseball’s Arizona Diamondbacks’ Class ‘A’ minor league affiliate.

The Political Observer newspaper – aside from the actual printing – is a one-man operation as Thomas sells the advertising, develops ad copy, builds ad proofs, manages two writers, writes copy, copy edits, builds the newspaper (lay-out), designs graphics, and, distributes the newspaper.

The Political Observer newspaper is online at Thomas may be contacted via email at, or, by phone at 661.941.4748.

NOTE: Hopefully Thomas will have the opportunity to write about all the great historical places to visit and things to do when traveling the Grand Old Highway throughout California and beyond.

Route U.S. 6: Longest Transcontinental Highway - 1940

Things to do!

Things to Do - Los Angeles County

Heads Up!!

KTLA reporter Mark Mester stands next to Vasquez Canyon Road,
which continued to buckle on Nov. 20, 2015. (Credit: KTLA)

Vasquez Canyon Road is popular with cyclists, and provides additional access for drivers living in northern Santa Clarita areas -- such as Saugus -- and connects Bouquet Canyon Road to the 14 Freeway and Sierra Highway. Traffic was expected to be impacted in the area, including both Bouquet and the Sierra Highway.
The Sierra Highway is a portion of the
Historic U.S. Route 6 alignment.
Landslide Buckles Vasquez Canyon Road; 2-Mile Stretch Closed Indefinitely | KTLA



Owens Valley, California History
by Ray DeLea
(The Historic U.S. Route 6 alignment runs the full length of Owens Valley.)

Special Notice!

U.S. Route 6 Charity Run 
2015 Activity Updates

Join the Route 6 Team!
Membership Application - pdf

New sponsorships will include the balance of this year and all of 2016

 Aprylle standing in front of sign in Bishop, CA
(May 21, 2015)
Only 3,205 miles to go!

Above - Antelope Valley Press 05-16-2015

A special "Thank You" to the City of Lancaster and the Americas Best Value Inn & Suites for their generous (friendly) hospitality. 05-14-2015

Rosamond, California
"Oasis in the Mojave"

 Then and Now
While from these two pictures it may appear our little town has not changed significantly, appearances can be deceiving. The above street scenes depict a portion of the old "main drag", Sierra Highway (part of old US Route 6). Rosamond today is growing primarily east-west along Rosamond Boulevard, which is barely visible as a street intersection in the background of the two photos. The population of "greater Rosamond" in the 1950s was only a few hundred souls; today it is around 18,000.

Rosamond, CA


County of Los Angeles

The County of Los Angeles is a founding member of the California U.S. Route 6 Tourist Association. As a member it includes all divisions and departments within.
Below are only a few of many.
Thank you for your on-going support.

Feel free to contact us regarding special events that you would like to have posted on our web site and facebook page.

Los Angeles County Department of Public Works

Los Angeles County Department of Public Works

County of Los Angeles Fire Department

County of Los Angeles Fire Department

County of Los Angeles Sheriff's Dept.

Los Angeles County Sheriff's Dept.

Above: Los Angeles County Sheriff's Dept. 1925

Below: Los Angeles county Sheriff Deputy posing between two Buick Squad Cars - 1932

(Appears that the car on the left is a 1931 Buick Phaeton, and the one on the right is either a 1931 or 1932 Buick Four Door Sedan.)

Los Angeles County Sheriff's Museum






Enjoy Santa Clarita with family and friends!
In Santa Clarita the Historic U.S. 6 alignment is known as the Sierra Highway.


It is the goal of our Association to acknowledge those volunteer organizations that are serving their Route 6 community in a positive way. L.A. Green Grounds in the South-Central Los Angeles area is an excellent example of people helping people. The historic alignment is currently known as Figueroa Street which runs through the heart of South-Central Los Angeles. We are definitely impressed with what your organization is doing.

Meet Ron Finley

Harmony Project - Los Angeles, CA


We welcome the County of Los Angeles as an active member of the Route 6 Team.


Appears that Tootsie, the official mascot for the California U.S. Route 6 Tourist Association, received a lot of attention during her recent visit to Ridgecrest. Tootsie has become a real celebrity. Our four-legged friend is definitely Route 6 to the core. She plans someday to write children stories; “A Dog’s Life Along the 6”, The Adventures of Tootsie and Friends.

To learn more about the Association email

Julie Lombard, Interim Executive Director for the state of CaliforniaWe invite all cities, small towns, rural communities, chambers and businesses located along the Grand Old Highway to join us in the economic development, cultural preservation and educational programs as described in our Mission Statement.

Senior high school and college students play a major role in our development and activities. Most interns receive class credits for the time they spend with us. Parents are also welcome.

The present goal of the California Association is to identify the historic portion of U.S. 6 between Bishop and Long Beach. Currently U.S. 6 signs end in Bishop, historically they ended in Long Beach.

We believe this project will help all the communities located along the 3,652 miles of the Grand Old Highway by preserving the coast-to-coast integrity of the original alignment.

Our programs are serious. Our activities are intended to be fun and family oriented.  Looking forward to hearing from you.


The web site will include

HAPPENINGS for 2021.

Destination Lancaster


Museum of Western Film History

Lone Pine, California
Events | Museum of Western Film History


Richard "Dick" Bublitz
Our new Executive Director of the California U.S. Route 6 Tourist Assn.

Welcome Richard "Dick" Bublitz Our new Executive Director of the California U.S. Route 6 Tourist Assn.

On October 19th Mr. Bublitz was officially appointed to the position of Executive Director of the California Association. He and his wife Rosemary live in Woodland Hills which is located in the County of Los Angeles. The County of Los Angeles is a founding member of our Association.

His goal is to build awareness of the significance of the history of the Grand Old Highway and expand on our Mission which addresses Economic Development and Cultural Preservation.

He would like to involve Senior High School and College Students in our Internship Program. (Mentoring is the most rewarding part of what we do.)

Mr. Bublitz is looking forward to meeting and talking with members. He would also welcome any ideas you may have to further our Mission.

Welcome Aboard!

* * * * *

Become a Volunteer

The Volunteer must be at least 18 years of age with a sincere desire in preserving our American Heritage. Interest in American History, government, journalism, photography, business administration and audio-visual productions would be a real plus.

Our programs are serious, and our activities are educational, fun and family oriented.

This is a Volunteer position however, all approved related expenses will be reimbursed. This would include (when applicable) office supplies, lodging, meals, and travel expenses.

For a College Student Intern this would definitely be a learning experience. It would also give you the opportunity to do some serious networking.

NOTE: We've had College Student Interns in other Route 6 States who received class credits for their time. Anyway, something to think about.


Should you have any questions or desire additional information contact:

Russell J. Lombard, President / CEO


* * * * * *


(December 2017)

The City of Lancaster has installed additional HISTORIC Route 6 signs along the original U.S. 6 alignment currently known as the Sierra Highway.

Chris McCaslin and David Good with the Lancaster Department of Public Works.

David Good installing one of the signs along the historic alignment.

Pictures provided by Nicholas Haecker, Engineer Tech.

NOTE: Signs provided by the U.S. Route 6 Tourist Assn.

* * * * * *

In The News
 County of Los Angeles, CA
August 2017

Dear Friends,

This week, Los AngelesCounty received two Canadair Bombardier LC-415s, more widely known as Super Scoopers, on lease from the government of Quebec. These airplanes can fly up to 200 mph and can scoop 1,620 gallons of water in only 12 seconds! Along with an Erickson Skycrane Helitanker we lease, the Super Scoopers have been vital additions to our county's own firefighting arsenal for nearly 25 years and we are thankful to have them again this year. They will certainly help our brave firefighters protect life and property as we approach what could be a very active fire season. And, don't forget to have an emergency plan in place for your family and always heed the warnings to evacuate during emergencies.


Supervisor, Fifth District

Supervisor Kathryn Barger – 5th District Supervisor
The County of Los Angeles is a founding member of the U.S. Route 6 Tourist Association.


In order to protect the health and safety of our community and in accordance with guidance from State and local health officials to prevent the spread of COVID-19, Community Services & Parks (CSP) has CANCELLED all in-person events, recreation programs, and classes until further notice. However, CSP is committed to providing safe and educational recreational activities, even in these trying times. Visit to learn more about parks, activities and programs you can do from home! Challenge yourself with our weekly games, explore our parks and trails, and much more!


 A State Park -Lancaster, California

Antelope Valley Indian Musuem
Antelope Valley Indian Museum


What's Happening in Carson, CA
City of Carson

From Landfill to Land of Opportunity - YouTube

In Memory of Fred M. Hann
Co-founder and past Executive Director.
Fred M. Hann
Jan. 29, 1938 - June 10, 2014
Stay on Route 6: Fred Hahn, Champion of US Route 6, Passed Away Today, June 10


Fred M. Hann at the year-round U.S. Route 6 display located at the  Antelope Valley Fairgrounds - Lancaster, CA  (Summer 2012)


Rosamond, CA

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