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Meet Aprylle Gilbert

  Recently Aprylle was appointed to the position of Ambassador at Large on behalf of the U.S. Route 6 Tourist Association. Many of you may remember Aprylle as the lady who in 2015 ran all 3,652 miles of the Grand Old Highway from the waterfront in Long Beach, California to Provincetown, Massachusetts which is located the tip of Cape Cod. She made the run to raise money for a youth center in her home town.       Don Doucette

September 1, 2015 Activity Update – US Route 6 – Milford, Pennsylvania

I tracked down Aprylle today 9/1/15  in Milford I found out she was not able to get there, so she has to back track to near Hawley PA and then run to Milford today. If all things work out for her she will run from Milford to Middletown tomorrow 9/2/15…sorry again to anyone who took the day off, like me. However, did get to stop and chat at the Hotel Fauchere in Milford where she ate a big breakfast getting