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April 28 cruise report – Winchester – Bass Pro Shops April 28, 2016 Winner 1936 Cord 810

2016 Apr 28 Cruise Winner 1936 Cord 810 Dennis Jolicoeur Click 2016 Apr 28 Cruise for Webmaster Steve Vining’s April 28 cruise report: and below is the slideshow via Vimeo Mass Cruisers 4-28-16 Cruise Night from Steve Vining on Vimeo. Dennis Jolicoeur’s 1936 Cord 810 (see above) is a rolling piece of art that immediately turned heads in 1936 and still does 80 years later in 2016 when it drives into our Bass Pro Shops cruise. The front drive Cord’s

Mass Cruisers April 14 Bass Pro Shops Cruise & March 19 Winkel Junkyard Junket

  Our first cruise of the season was cold and windy but a big success! Maybe 800 to 1,000 cars and many spectators. Take a look at your website update here: (NOTE: The August 18 cruise is moved to August 25 due to a Patriot’s Thursday pre-season home game) Also check out the video slideshow (speaker volume up) from our website or on Vimeo here: And, from my camera, a slideshow video of our March 19 Winkel Auto Junkyard

September 19, 2015 Activity Update – US Route 6 – Coast to Coast for Kids – Charity Run Final press release


Gilbert-Route-6-Run-Finish-line-09192015 Provincetown, MA: Against all odds, Gilbert has completed her coast to coast charity run for disadvantaged children. April 28, she left her home in San Jose, running south along the Pacific on the California Coast Highway. 341 miles later, she turned her sights east. Running into the dawn, she left Long Beach (the western end of Route 6.) on May 11. Today, with 3,652 miles of Route 6 behind her, she has reached the Atlantic at the eastern end

September 15, 2015 Activity Update – US Route 6 – Coast to Coast for Kids will be completed today


DATELINE September 15, 2015 Provincetown MA Aprylle Gilbert’s Charity Run Coast to Coast for KIDS 2015 will be completed today at the ‘West End Roundabout’ of US Route 6 at Cape Cod Bay about 3:00 PM EDST Aprylle will be greeted and welcomed by Provincetown and MA dignitaries, TEAM APRYLLE Member Partners, Fans and Supporters of her 3,652 mile run across America along US Route 6, benefiting disadvantaged KIDS. Aprylle’s RUN ACROSS AMERICA along US Route 6 to Provincetown MA

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