2019 August 1 Bass Pro Shops Cruise Video links

The following links to see the August 1, 2019 Bass Pro Shops Cruise Video

Vimeo (high resolution)  https://vimeo.com/351973567?utm_source=email&utm_medium=vimeo-cliptranscode-201504&utm_campaign=28749

YouTube https://youtu.be/9egrKpsuLA0

At the upcoming August 15 cruise: (the 7 day advance weather forecast is looking GREAT!

Trials for the Sept. 5 “2nd Annual Valve Cover Race Competition” between home built valve cover racers (see kids of all ages enjoying track racing fun in the August 1 video)

Factory Five night at the Bass Pro Shops cruise will again bring their 18 Wheeler big rig and display their latest offerings  https://www.factoryfive.com/whats-new/factory-five-night-at-bass-pro-august-15-foxboro-ma/  (photos from last year’s cruise)

 Return of the George Strait Código Tequila Motor Home display is also scheduled to be here again

Celebrating 28 Years of Cruising 2019